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You can apply and purchase it from 11 Jul at 「」 following in below.

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The 45°N Pass can be purchased:
∙ on any day, including Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays
∙ with a credit card
∙ on a smartphone

Where to purchase (exchange) your pass

*Same-day sales are not available.


Please visit the Wakkanai Sightseeing Association counter,
located inside the JR Wakkanai Bldg. (KITAcolor) 1F
(9:00 - 17:30, only the ticket counter is open
on Sat, Sun, and holidays).

※Assistance is unavailable after hours.
Passes cannot be purchased/exchanged
at the ferry or bus ticket counters.
※Excludes some travel packages.


We will confirm
the reservation number given to you on the phone.



One copy6,000yen (tax included)(Adults・Children share the same price)

Valid for 7 days after the use start date.

※Children under the age of 1 are free.
※One child, between the ages of 1
and preschool per adult, is free.


You will be given the 45°N


When applying.

※Applications must be made up to 7 days prior to the first day of use.  Applications under 7 days in advance are not accepted. ※Same-day purchases cannot be made at ferry, bus or the sightseeing association ticket counters.

When making a purchase.
  • ●Special disability discounts are unavailable.
  • ●Vehicle fees are ineligible for discounts. (Please make your own arrangements)
  • ●Depending on your needs, there are some cases where it is more economical to purchase other tickets, or deals other than this free pass.
  • If you planning to arrive in Wakkanai later than 17:30, we ask that you purchase your ticket
    the following day. However, visitors traveling on the Ltd. Exp. Sarobetsu,
    arriving in Wakkanai at 18:22, please contact us in advance.

<Cancellation Policy>
Cancellation fees will not incur if you contact us in advance.
If you do not contact us in advance, and you do not show up on the day the pass is to be used,
your reservation will be cancelled, and you will lose your right to prior application.
※The same applies if you make a mistake on the date, and may not be able to purchase your ticket on site.

<Cancelled Ferry Service>
Refunds are unavailable once you have boarded the first ferry.
We recommend you cancel the ferry once, if poor weather conditions are expected,
and purchase only a one-way ticket at a time.

Ferries Route buses Regular Sightseeing buses
Other participating facilities Hands-on learning programs Presenting your accommodation confirmation letter


Show your [Ferry Embarkation Claim Ticket]
on the back of your 45°NPASS,
at the ticket counter inside the ferry terminal.
You will be given an embarkation card
in exchange.

During the valid period, you can ride the ferry as many times as you wish.
Be sure to redeem your embarkation card at the ferry ticket counter,
each time you wish to ride the ferry.★ Promotion applies to second-class cabins.

※Superior cabins and facilities (first-class Japanese-style rooms, first-class lounges) may be used if there are vacancies that day by paying the difference in the fare at a ferry terminal window before boarding.
※The pass cannot be cashed under any circumstances.
※Please note that the 45˚ N Pass for Island Hopping may not be used to pay for the fare for the driver of a vehicle
(e.g., passenger car, bus), motorcycle or bicycle that requires freight or hauling charges.
※For vehicle shipping fees, please contact the Heartland Ferry.

Route buses

Please present this 45°NPASS for Island Hopping
when getting on a bus.
During the validity of the pass,
pass holders can enjoy unlimited route bus rides
in Rishiri and Rebun.

※Pass excludes the Wakkanai route bus.

Routine sightseeing buses

Reserve your routine sightseeing bus by calling Soya Bus,
and stating that you are using the 45°NPASS.
Show your [¥500 discount voucher]
at routine sightseeing bus ticket counters
for each location.

Use up to 2 ¥500 discount vouchers within the valid period.

※You can either use one at a time, or two at once.
※The pass cannot be cashed under any circumstance (including change).

For scheduled sightseeing bus reservations, please call
(Japanese/English) 9:00 – 17:00

Number for

Using your pass at other participating facilities

Show your [¥500 discount voucher]
at each participating facility.
※The pass cannot be cashed under any circumstance
(including change).
more information

Using your pass for hands-on learning programs

Show your 45°NPASS at facilities where you can
receive a discount or deal on hands-on learning programs.
more information

Presenting your accommodation confirmation letter

Please ask for the seal for proof of accommodation
at participating facilities you used in Wakkanai,
and on Rishiri and Rebun Island
by showing
the [ Accommodation Confirmation Letter ]
in your 45°NPASS.

Please present the stamped accommodation confirmation letter at the ferry terminal of the last port of embarkation. We ask that you fill out the area marked in red, as well as the survey on the back before submitting your letter. If your last accommodation is in Wakkanai, and you will get two stamps, visitors without a reservation for the ferry can submit their letter at the Wakkanai Sightseeing Association counter inside of Wakkanai Station (KITAcolor).

Places where the Accommodation Confirmation Sheet
Questionnaire can be returned.(※Any of the places on the right)


● Ferry Terminal Counter, Wakkanai Port
● Wakkanai Sightseeing Association Counter
inside Wakkanai Station (Kitakara)

Rishiri Island

● Ferry Terminal Counter, Oshidomari Port
● Ferry Terminal Counter, Kutsugata Port

Rebun Island

● Ferry Terminal Counter, Kafuka Port

You can also drop your letter into the fixed collection boxes.


Please note that if you lose this document
or fail to hand it in,
you will be asked to pay the full ferry or bus fare.

  • ●The 45°N Pass is not valid for group tours organized by travel agencies and similar.
  • ●Visitors cannot apply for this campaign and other campaigns, such as monitor campaigns at the same time.
  • ●This pass cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts.
    This pass cannot be used outside of the campaign period.
  • ●Refunds are unavailable even if you do not use your pass.