What's 45°N PASS

What's 45°N PASS

Free pass for unlimited rides on route buses and ferries,
to tour Wakkanai, Rishiri and Rebun Islands, located at the northernmost point of Japan!

Valid for 7 days after the use start date.
One copy 6,000yen (tax included)
※Adults・Children share the same price
Comes with a BOOK full of information on local sights and eateries (100 pages).


  • Unlimited ferry rides(second-class cabins)
    between Wakkanai and Rishiri Island,Wakkanai and Rebun Island,and Rishiri Island and Rebun Island!
  • Unlimited
    route bus rides
    in Rishiri Island and Rebun Island!
  • Two 500 yen
    discount tickets
    are attached, which can be used for sightseeing buses and other facilities in Wakkanai, Rishiri, Rebun.
  • Discount&benefit on experience-based programs
    in Wakkanai, Rishiri, Rebun.


Reception Period

(Offer ends as soon as reservations are sold out)
Period of Use 2017/7/1(Sat)~9/30(Sat)

※Please apply at least 7 days before the use start date.


Available to guests staying at participating accommodationin Wakkanai or on Rishiri and/or Rebun for two nights or longer. ※Including stays at different qualifying locations


Reservation acceptance at a_syuku118@hkd.jtb.jp from 16 Sep to 23Sep

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Special supplement to the 45°N PASS

Rich in content! The latest sightseeing sites
and restaurant information,
which local residents recommend, are published.

  • 45°N PASS
    2015 EDITION

  • 45°N PASS
    2016 EDITION